Chris Lane Follows Wedding to 'Bachelor' Alum Lauren Bushnell by Making 'Big, Big Plans' His Next Single

Chris Lane followed up his wedding to The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell by making "Big, Big Plans" his next single! The song was written by Lane, and used to both propose to Bushnell, and for the couple's first dance after tying the knot.

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"Shout out to each and everyone of you who continue to show up to the shows and sing your hearts out!! " Lane posted on social media, showing a black and white video of a crowd singing along to the song. "This blows my mind. BC Of Y'all Big Big Plans is my next SINGLE!! I've Never been more excited for a song in my entire life...Also The Big Big Plans Tour kicks off this week in Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta...Tag someone you want to bring to a show this fall! Thanks for the love y'all!"

Lane proposed to Bushnell on Father's Day at her family's home in Washington. As soon as Bushnell heard "Big, Big Plans," she knew she wanted that song to be their first dance.

"Chris wrote it, and it was inspired by our relationship, and it has such a special meaning to us, so I don't think we could really dance to anything else," Bushnell told PEOPLE.

Lane and Bushnell wed on Friday night, Oct. 25, in front of about 160 people. The couple is already looking to the future, with part of Lane's big plans including growing his fanbase while growing his family as well.

"We have a lot to look forward to," Lane said. "I'm praying for a long career in music. It's something I'm very passionate about. To get to have somebody like Lauren as a best friend, just in life, is going to make it a million times better. There's just so many firsts that we'll experience — hopefully kids. Just the whole nine yards. I want all of that with her."

"I'm sure I'll only continue falling in love with him throughout those chapters," Bushnell added. "I'll have him by my side, through thick and thin, the good and bad, the challenges and all of the excitement. Just being able to call him my husband through all of that is very exciting."


Lane is currently on his Big, Big Plans headlining tour. Find dates, and download his new single, by visiting his website.

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