Chelsea Bain Releases 'Take It Like a Man' Video

Chelsea Bain is back with a brand-new video! The singer is giving an exclusive first look at the video for her latest single, "Take It Like a Man."

"The message of the song is that women and men both have the same emotions," Bain told "No one feels more or less than the other. It's not masculine for a woman to feel angry when she's hurting and it's also not feminine for a man to feel sad. I think it's important for people to acknowledge and feel their emotions."

Bain knew as soon as she wrote "Take It Like a Man" that it was a hit, but it wasn't until she started performing it live that she realized how important the song was to her.

"I loved the song when we wrote it, but through living with this song and performing it live I've grown to love it even more," Bain acknowledged. "We all search for a song that says something that's never been said and I feel like this is one of those rare songs. This song has a lot of meaning for me and I think the meaning is universal."

The video for "Take It Like a Man" was shot by Bain's brother, Layne Pavoggi, who is a director in in Los Angeles.

"I played him 'Take It Like A Man' and he immediately jumped on wanting to shoot the video for the song and that meant the world to me," Bain recalled. "We shot it at a salvage yard that was in a Transformers movie and that was really cool! It was really important to me in this video to be transparent and honest about what this song means. I allowed myself to be vulnerable in this video, from being pissed off and breaking car windows to crying in an evening gown. I really hope the people who see this video are able to feel this song as much as I do."

"Take It Like a Man" is one of several songs Bain has recorded, which she hopes to share with her fans this year.

"I've been writing and recording music like crazy, and we plan to release several more songs this year," Bain revealed. "I want my fans to constantly hear from me throughout 2019, and I always want to be delivering something new. I've been working hard on a sound that's truly, authentically mine. Hopefully fans get that from what they hear coming down the pipeline."


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chelsea Bain