Carrie Underwood Strikes a Pose to Celebrate CALIA's Latest Big Move

Carrie Underwood just reached a major milestone with her CALIA athleisure line. On Instagram, the [...]

Carrie Underwood just reached a major milestone with her CALIA athleisure line. On Instagram, the singer shared that she is opening her first CALIA pop-up shops in three locations across the country. These pop-up shops, which are located in Santa Monica, Austin, and Nashville, will only be open for a limited time.

Underwood posed in one of those very shops to celebrate the exciting news on Instagram. The "Cry Pretty" singer can be seen striking a pose while donning a lime-green jacket and black leggings in the snap. As she noted in the caption, these pop-up shops are open in three locations across the United States — Santa Monica, California; Austin, Texas; and Nashville, Tennessee. If you do want to get your hands on some CALIA by Carrie Underwood merchandise in person, you have to head to one of these shops before they close on Dec. 31.

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This rollout marks a significant milestone for Underwood's CALIA line, which she launched in 2015. During an interview with PEOPLE in December 2019, the singer opened up about creating the line and noted that she wants her clothing to be size inclusive and comfortable for everyone to wear. "I've had several occasions where women would come through meet and greet lines and say, 'You inspired me,'" Underwood said. "They'd be wearing Calia head to toe, and they'd be like, 'You inspired me and I got into the gym. I started walking. I started changing my diet, and I feel so much better. I lost this much weight.'"

As she continued to explain to the publication, she loves creating different designs for her CALIA line. Additionally, Underwood expressed that she loves to hear feedback from those who have developed a healthier lifestyle with her athleisure line's help. "It's fun being creative and it's fun making clothes that I love to wear," she continued. "But then you see how people are using them in lives, and taking ownership over their health and feeling better about themselves." Underwood said that she is fully aware that everyone is on their own path with their respective health journeys, which is why her CALIA line runs from XS to XXXL. She added, "We're not all size zeros. We're different shapes, sizes, ages. It's important to encourage people and be a part of people's journeys, no matter where they are in those journeys."