Carrie Underwood Reveals What She Does to Make Sure Her Sons Have a 'Normal' Childhood

She might be one of the most famous faces in country music, but Carrie Underwood wants to make sure her sons, 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, don't really notice that. The American Idol alum and her husband, Mike Fisher, work hard to create a sense of normalcy for their sons, including eating together almost every night.

"We have dinner together six nights a week," Underwood told PEOPLE. "I feel like that's something really important. What my husband and I talk about more than anything is how to make sure our children have a 'normal' childhood. That's hard with this particular life."

The family of four also start their day together, after a little one-on-one time for the parents.

"My husband and I are trying this thing where we get up earlier so we can have a little quiet time before the kids wake up," Underwood said. "Then we have breakfast together, and it's all about the mad dash out the door. I have a calendar-journal that I look at for the day and week ahead. It's nice to see it laid out in front of me."

Underwood and Fisher end their day together as well, by enjoying some alone time after their sons are in bed.

"Mike and I sit on the couch and catch up and watch The Bachelor or The Walking Dead," divulged the singer. "That's my balance, work hard and then veg."

Earlier this year, Underwood shared that Isaiah thought that her real job was doing laundry, a fact she doesn't entirely dispute.

"I do a lot of laundry. Isaiah just thinks my job is doing laundry," Underwood said. "How one little person has so much laundry I don't know"

Of course, the Oklahoma native could hire someone to take care of that for her, but she prefers to do that, and most of the housework, herself, only hiring people to deep-clean their home once a month.

"I'm terrible at asking for help," Underwood admitted. "I don't like a lot of people in my space."

Underwood might sell out massive arenas all over the country, but who fans see on stage isn't who she really is, or wants to be.


"I feel like if I were the person that I am on stage when I'm at home, I just don't know if that person would like have too many friends," Underwood acknowledged. "I enjoy getting to play that role, but you can't be that big of a personality all the time. Well I guess you can, but it's gotta be exhausting."

Photo Credit: Getty / Scott Legato