Carrie Underwood's New Photos Reveal Possible Facial Scarring

Carrie Underwood is back in the public eye after months of hiding a facial injury, and she may have just revealed a better look at some of the scarring.

Underwood, 35, revealed a photo set of herself and mother, Carole Underwood, promoting her workout brand, CALIA, alongside a group of women.

"An amazing group of women joined me, my mom, and CALIA by Carrie for an afternoon of fashion, fitness, and fun!" Underwood wrote. "Such a special way to celebrate Mother's Day and the strong women in our lives! Stay the path together."

In the photos, there appear to be some sort of markings on the left side of the "Cry Pretty" singer's face.

It's unclear if the marks are scarring from the stitches she received following her November fall. It could just be a makeup line or some hair, but some online think it is a sign of additional scarring.

(Photo: Twitter / @carrieunderwood)

Underwood has just recently opened up about her scary fall, which worried her fans for months and left her with scarring around her lip.

“I just fell down. I was taking the dogs out to go do their thing and I just got clumsy and I tripped,” she told Sirius XM's the Highway. "I held onto the dog leashes in my left hand and went to catch myself with my right and just missed a step. There’s one lone step. If I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been absolutely fine, but it was because I had to catch myself"

She continued, "I thought I just busted my lip when I walked inside. I went to go survey the damage and was like, ‘Oh no!’”

She also opened up about the secrecy ahead of her ACM Awards performance and release of her newest single, which is slated to appear on an album of the same name.

"I was nervous about music, first and foremost," Underwood said. "We wanted things to be about the song that night, so we tried to avoid doing other things beforehand, just because I didn't want to talk about my accident."


The affects of the fall will apparently be felt throughout the songs on Cry Pretty, as it all went down while she was still working on the record.

"It happened right before the holidays, so everyone was already on hiatus anyway, so that was a blessing. But I got to write and I got to record," she says. "Everything you do has an impact on the music, and everything you go through and live through has an impact on writing. I feel like it maybe, I don't want to say it ended up being a good thing, but when you write you have more to write about. You're coming from a different place."