Carly Pearce Opens up About Marrying Fellow Country Music Star, Michael Ray

When Carly Pearce and Michael Ray began dating, they knew that the fact that they were two rising stars in country music might pique the interest of some. But they likely never imagined how quickly fans would latch onto their romance, especially after they got engaged. With Pearce and Ray's wedding happening presumably within the next couple days, Pearce is opening up about the unique situation of having so many people so interested in her personal life.

"I think when we started dating, we knew that this was an off situation," Pearce shared with and other media. "A lot of my good girlfriends have done it as well, Kelsea [Ballerini] and Maren [Morris]. I talked to them prior, and they were like, 'You just have to accept what you're getting into.' And so, we approached it as, we wanted to invite people into our relationship and into our homes, and we've tried to keep the wedding private, but it's a celebration.

"We really are so in love, and we're thankful that we get the opportunity to have people who care about our wedding," she continued. "So, we're taking it as it is. I don't think anybody will camp out, but if they do, I'll give them some wine. It's fine."

Still, the 29-year-old admits it is a bit strange that so many people are interested in one of the most important days of her life.

"I don't even view myself or my fiancé as a celebrity," Pearce acknowledged. "That's such a weird word. It's weird to me that people care about my wedding; it's funny to me still. I hope I always have this feeling of just, oh my gosh, is this really happening to me? I think when you work for something so long, you're never gonna take that for granted, never settle into that.

"So, I hope that I always view my career the way that I do right now," added the singer, "because I don't really view it as, I've made it, or I'm famous."

Pearce and Ray both have a weekend off from touring, making fans speculate that the nuptials are imminent. But the couple will soon hit the road again, which is why they decided to postpone their honeymoon until later this year.


"We get married, and then two nights later, we're gone again separately," Pearce revealed. "But we chose to wait on a honeymoon, so that we can totally unplug, and check out, and not have lingering, looming, rest of the year over our heads, 'cause we're both workaholics."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Davis