Carly Pearce Opens up About Jake Owen Spilling Wedding Details to Bobby Bones

Carly Pearce is opening up about the new wedding detail Jake Owen spilled on the Bobby Bones Show. The "Closer to You" singer, who will marry Michael Ray later this year, had planned to keep at least one detail private, before Owen unintentionally shared it on Bones' popular iHeartRadio show. For Pearce, it's a reminder of how famous she is becoming, and the sometimes unfortunate repercussions of her celebrity status.

"I'm sitting on [a] bus so I will tell you a really funny story that you can hear first," Pearce told "I'm sitting on my bus with one of my band members, and I read on a tweet just now that on the Bobby Bones Show that Jake Owen has announced that he's singing at Michael and my wedding for our first dance, and that is true, but I didn't want that to be known.

"It's very strange to have things like that," she continued. "It's sweet and it's awesome, and I'm very grateful that people want to go along on this ride with us, but it's funny for us to kind of decide what do we want people to know, what do we want to keep special for the day – that kind of balance of what we want to keep private."

Owen likely didn't know that he was supposed to keep that part of their ceremony to himself, since by his own admission, he has never performed at a wedding before, especially one where both the bride and groom are well known.

"This was something that was really flattering for me," Owen said. "I've never been asked to do anything like this, and I didn't know I was a wedding singer. I was at St. Jude Children's Hospital, and during that time, Michael Ray was there, and I played that night on stage, 'Made for You.' Afterwards, Michael came up, and he was like, 'Man, I don't know how to ask you this. This is kind of weird, but Carly and I love that song. If you're in town, will you play it at our wedding?'"

"I'll be honest," he added. "I was overly flattered, and I will 100 percent do it for them, because I will be in town. I already marked it off my schedule. They're great people, great artists, great singers."

Pearce may not have wanted the fact that Owen was singing at their wedding made public, but she is fine with fans knowing the details of at least part of her romance with Ray.

"I think people who keep it really personal for us that's just not going to work," Pearce said. "We want people to celebrate love and celebrate seeing us make this relationship in such a very unconventional way."

Pearce and Ray just sent out Save the Date cards, and hints the wedding will take place sometime this year. Meanwhile, most of the wedding planning is happening on the road. Pearce will wrap up her co-headlining The Way Back Tour with Russell Dickerson this weekend, and then head overseas for a series of shows as part of C2C: Country to Country, followed by a few shows in Australia.

Pearce will join Jason Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour, which kicks off on May 3. Find dates at Pearce's official website.


Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer