Carly Pearce Calls Jason Aldean One of the Last Male Superstars to Join on Tour

Carly Pearce will hit the road on Jason Aldean's Ride All Night Tour later this year, serving as his opening act along with Kane Brown. The Kentucky native, who spent most of 2018 on the road with Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, Rascal Flatts and Luke Bryan, says Aldean's tour in many ways will mark the end of a chapter for Pearce.

"I'm so excited," Pearce told "I am a huge Aldean fan, I'm a huge Kane Brown fan. And obviously, I had a huge year of touring with so many of our male superstars last year. I made a joke that Aldean's like the last one of the superstars that I need to tour with, and so I'm just really, really excited. I think he's awesome, and I'm excited to just be able to be a part of that show."

Before Pearce becomes a tour opener, she will get her first taste at being a headlining act, when she co-headlines The Way Back Tour, with her good friend, Russell Dickerson.

"I love Russell so much," Pearce said. "It really has been something that's been a dream come true for both of us to be able to put together this tour. It's my first headlining tour of any capacity, so I'm very excited about that. And to be able to do it with one of my true buddies that I'm such a fan of, as a person and also as an artist, is awesome."

The 28-year-old is back on the charts with her debut single, "Closer to You," from her upcoming sophomore album, part of a long string of successes Pearce has celebrated since releasing her No. 1 hit, "Every Little Thing," in 2017. And Pearce is cherishing every single moment.


"I will never take this stuff for granted," Pearce vowed. "This is all that I've ever wanted, and I've worked so hard to get it. And I never, ever, ever want anybody to think that I expect any of it, because I really don't. I just put my head down, work really hard, and try to make the best music that I can. And the fact that it's being embraced in the way that it is and that people are buying into who I am as an artist – all I'm doing is just being Carly, and that's just really awesome that people like that."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Taylor Hill