Carly Pearce's New Tattoo Celebrates Her Resilience

Carly Pearce is showing off some new ink, revealing a new tattoo to fans on Instagram last week. The singer shared three black-and-white photos debuting her new addition, the first a closeup of her right forearm, which now features a bouquet of wildflowers near her elbow, above an outline of her home state of Kentucky near her wrist.

The second image was the same photo farther away, and the third was a still of Pearce getting inked, and she credited Rick Coury as the artist behind the flowers. "Sooo I did a thing this week— 'Wildflowers are the first things to pop up after a long winter season,'" she wrote. "Here’s to seeing the wildflowers starting to sprout again..."

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The 30-year-old's reveal comes shortly after she discussed her divorce from Michael Ray publicly for the first time, telling ET Canada that though her and Ray's relationship was so public, she hopes fans can respect their privacy during their divorce.

"Hopefully people respect us to understand that we are humans and I certainly didn’t get married to get divorced," she said. "But things happen. I think it’s just something that has to stay between the two of us and I’ve felt the love of fans and appreciate that, and I think it's one of those moments that, 'You're a human!'"

Reflecting on her past few months, Pearce shared that she's "way stronger" than she thought. "It’s so easy to look at artists like myself or whoever and think that their lives are perfect," she reflected. "It’s just not a reality, for any of us. I’m just trying to really… I think when you go through a lot of changes in every aspect of your life you kind of just realize imperfections are what make us all ourselves."


While 2020 has been a difficult year for Pearce in terms of her personal life, she has seen success in her career — she released her sophomore album in February, earned her second No. 1 single, recently released her well-received new single "Next Girl" and is nominated for four CMA Awards.

"If you listen to any of my music and you listen to the stories and the way that I tell just my stories through songs, I think that’s always been a huge part of it is being honest, and being authentic," Pearce shared. "And this new music and ‘Next Girl’ is no different than that."