Carly Pearce Hints at a Follow-up to '29'

Fresh off her two ACM Award wins, Carly Pearce may be gearing up to release a new project, if her [...]

Fresh off her two ACM Award wins, Carly Pearce may be gearing up to release a new project, if her not-so-subtle hints are any indication. In February, Pearce released 29, a seven-song project documenting a year in the country singer's life that included her divorce from Michael Ray. The honest and emotional tracks have been resonating with fans in the weeks since, and it seems Pearce is about to drop a follow-up.

"I can't say that there won't be another 29 coming in the summer," she recently told "I'm not sure, but I had to guess if I had to put money on it, I would feel confident that there's another part of that coming." Speaking to Country Now, Pearce teased that her next drop might feature a few collaborations. "There are a few collaborations on the next piece that I'm doing that I'm really excited about," she said, adding, "I think you should watch my social media this week."

Pearce's offerings on 29 range from upbeat kiss-offs to strength-sharing ballads about moving on, and the Kentucky native is proud that her own struggles have been able to help her fans get through theirs. "All of my biggest songs are songs that are real and honest," she told "And I feel like I've helped people get through hard times. And I feel really grateful that I can."

She continued, "Divorce is a part of my story now. And I'm grateful that I get to show people that you don't have to feel shame around something that happens to you, whether it's a divorce or just something that maybe didn't pan out the way that you thought it was going to."

Since releasing 29, Pearce has shared a new song that's already received some major praise, performing "Dear Miss Loretta" at the Grand Ole Opry in March. The song, a tribute to Loretta Lynn, caught the attention of the country icon herself, who tweeted to Pearce that "This song means the world to me."

"I wrote that song... I was in this place where I was like, 'I don't know if people are going to really like this kind of turn truly to traditional country music for me,'" Pearce revealed. "So I was writing all different kinds of songs that for the first time I felt like I could creatively do whatever I wanted. And I wrote this song and knew it was cool, but didn't know if I'd ever do anything with it. And now it feels like it's such a crucial part of this time in my life. And just to have her even hear it was pretty awesome."