Carly Pearce Tributes Loretta Lynn With New Song 'Dear Miss Loretta'

Carly Pearce performed at the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend, and she took the opportunity to [...]

Carly Pearce performed at the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend, and she took the opportunity to debut a new song, sharing a tribute to one of her heroes, Loretta Lynn. Ahead of her performance, Pearce explained that she wrote the song, titled "Dear Miss Loretta," as a letter to Lynn, who she has never met. "We have a lot and common, and I think over the last year and a half I've understood her songs, and the way that she told her truth, a lot more than I ever thought I would," she said.

"So, Loretta, hopefully I can ask you all this in person someday, but for now, I'll sing it to you," she added before performing the song solo with an acoustic guitar. "Dear Miss Loretta, we both grew up too fast / And I wish you could tell me how you made it last," Pearce sang. "I ain't a coal miners' daughter, but I've sung it all my life / I ain't been a widow, but I've been an ex-wife / And I hear your truth and I feel your pain / Now I know why you sing that way / I know why you sing that way."

In a caption, the 30-year-old explained that her grandmother introduced her to Lynn's music when she was young "and made sure I understood that if I was going to sing country music being from Kentucky— I had to know the importance of Miss @lorettalynnofficial."

"I've always loved her, but it wasn't until the last year that I really FELT what she's sang about all these years— and just how much we really do have in common." Pearce wrote, sharing that she wrote "Dear Miss Loretta" with Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark "as a letter to her, saying all the things I wish I could say to her & sang it for the first time last night on my favorite stage. Thank you Loretta, for making me feel like it's okay to write my truth and be unashamed.. just like you."

Pearce and Lynn may not have yet met, but they interacted on social media after Lynn praised Pearce for the song. "Wow!" Lynn tweeted. "@carlypearce this song means the world to me and you sang it on my favorite stage in the world @opry. I loved it and I love you! Maybe one of these days we can sing one together! #girlpower #westicktogether #fromtheheart #thankyou." Pearce replied to Lynn and told her, "You just made my whole week!" adding on her own page, "IM NOT OK."