Carly Pearce Explains Why Her Family Stays Pretty Healthy on Thanksgiving

Carly Pearce tends to stick to a healthy diet, and she recently told her record label that that philosophy extends to the holidays, including Thanksgiving dinner. "My dad had a massive heart attack when I was 19 and it kind of changed the game for my family as far as how we eat," Pearce explained. "We have a modified Thanksgiving, I feel like."

"We don't go crazy on a lot of things," she continued before sharing that there's one thing shedoesn't avoid when it comes to Thanksgiving food. "There's one thing that I will forever want 'the real thing,' as I call it, and that's pumpkin pie," Pearce revealed. "You can't mess with a pumpkin pie. So, there may be different variations of how we make other things, but pumpkin pie is full fat and all."

The "Next Girl" singer has had a roller coaster year, filing for divorce from husband Michael Ray in June before achieving career success with her collaboration with Lee Brice, "I Hope You're Happy Now," which recently won the CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year. In a post on Instagram last week, Pearce reflected on her journey in 2020, sharing a selfie and the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:11, which reads, "He has made everything beautiful in its time."

"Months ago, I put this verse everywhere in my home as a constant reminder, and I wasn't even sure I believed it," she wrote. "I cannot even begin to describe to you the peace God has given me this year in the midst of much pain. I have been so moved by all of YOU & your love. I want you to know I read every comment, every DM, every tagged post — and the way you have opened your hearts to me and been praying for me has truly blown my mind. You've shared your own journeys and that has honestly been so healing to feel like I'm not alone."

Pearce shared that God has given her "winks" through "so many" of her fans, and after "a huge couple of weeks" professionally, she wanted to "say thank you."


"Thank you for letting me truly see I have no reason to feel shame in the life I am walking, and showing me that there IS beauty in all things — and for helping make so many dreams come true this year!" she shared. "You know I'm always one to share my heart, and this was heavy on it because I'm soooo thankful for my sweet country music fans."