Brittany Aldean Shares Father's Day Plans for Husband Jason Aldean

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and many families have already started to plan how they'll celebrate the dads in their life, including the Aldean family. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, shared that she hadn't quite figured out their plans just yet, but that they'll most likely keep things simple.

"It's like my birthday right then too, so it's a big celebration," she said. "We'll probably just sit at the new house and cook out together and have a drink." The Aldeans officially moved into their new home outside of Nashville this week, which means Jason already has plenty to celebrate. The house, which features a lazy river, bowling alley and more, had been in construction for some time and is now being broken in by the family — Brittany shared several snaps on her Instagram Story this week including a clip of her husband enjoying her birthday gift to him, a virtual golfing range. Jason and Brittany share two children, 2-year-old son Memphis and 1-year-old daughter Navy, and Jason is also dad to daughters Keeley, 17, and Kendyl, 12, from his previous marriage.

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"He's an amazing father," Brittany gushed before naming her favorite dad trait of Jason's. "He's very affectionate," she said. "I didn't grow up in the most affectionate household, so seeing that, especially from a man... he tells them he loves them a hundred times a day and is always hugging and kissing and I feel like that's going to definitely mold them into those types of people, which makes me really happy. It doesn't matter who's around, he is the most affectionate, loving dad ever."


She also opened up about how their parenting styles differ, revealing that her husband is the disciplinarian of the two. "I always fake it, like, 'You're gonna get in trouble!' and Jason's like, 'Yeah, right,'" the North Carolina native said. "He's the disciplinarian, he definitely is good with making them mind. I have a hard time because... I don't know why. They prefer me because they know that I'm like the one that's going to give in quicker. They're definitely in that 'We want mom' phase right now, which I love."