Brett Young Reveals He Is Living on His Tour Bus Amid Coronavirus Concerns

For Brett Young, he would much rather be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to his daughter's health. For that reason, the "Catch" singer has been living on his tour bus, ever since he unexpectedly came home from Europe last week after his show was canceled due to coronavirus, and is vowing to stay away from his wife, Taylor and his baby, Presley, until he is sure he is in the clear.

"I think I might be on the over-cautious side of things, for most people, but I'm hiding out on the bus," Young told radio hosts Big D & Bubba via CMT's Cody Alan. "Me and the pup are hiding out."

Because Young was overseas, he is going to wait the entire two weeks, unless he can find a way to get tested.

"Until I can get my hands on a test to make sure I'm doing good, I'm gonna give it two weeks," Young revealed. "Because the last thing I wanna do is give our little 4-month-old something."

The California native made it out of Europe just in time, fortuitously catching a flight shortly after he found out his show was canceled.

"We had [shows in] Stockholm and Oslo, and we got the Oslo show canceled, like, an hour before the show," Young recalled. "I think that was a Wednesday night in the middle of the week. With everything that was going on, we just ended up making the decision to buy flights home. And that ended up being two or three hours before Trump announced the travel ban."

Young is undoubtedly eager to spend time with Taylor, whom he insists he loved almost from the moment he saw her for the very first time.

"I was living in North Scottsdale, Arizona, with a good friend of mine who had some publishing and songwriting connections," Young recounted. "I was up one night sitting on Facebook and I happened to come across a page of a girl from my hometown that I knew. And in the picture that she had posted there was this pretty girl. As I dug and did my research, I found it was her college roommate, and as we say nowadays, I slid into her DMs.


"I mean, it was one of those things where it's as close to, I think, love at first sight as you can get," he continued. "I don't know if I believe in looking at somebody and falling in love, but I definitely saw one picture of her and knew I had to meet her. And she made me work pretty hard, but after a couple weeks of pleading my case we had our first date."

Photo Credit: Getty / Slaven Vlasic