Bobby Bones and Girlfriend Caitlin Give to the Homeless During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, forcing many people inside their homes, Bobby Bones and his [...]

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, forcing many people inside their homes, Bobby Bones and his girlfriend, Caitlin Parker, are stepping up to help the homeless population in Nashville. Bones recently shared the heartwarming way the couple was helping, hoping that it would encourage others to do the same.

"Yesterday, Caitlin was leaving Starbucks, and she saw a homeless guy walk in," Bones said in the video he shared on social media, before Parker chimed in.

"He just said that since a lot of people were staying indoors, there weren't people to drop off money or even food like they normally do," she continued.

Parker took matters into her own hands by calling Bones' co-host, Amy, and getting advice on what to buy, before purchasing a large number of supplies that Bones and Parker assembled into bags to distribute to the homeless population.

"Hopefully if you guys see this, and you want to help out somebody in your neighborhood too, it's just an idea of what you can do," added Bones.

The Dancing With the Stars winner and Parker showed off the supplies they purchased, which included oranges, apples, nutrition bars, soap, water, berries and a washcloth.

"Keep them in your car," urged Parker, "and if you pass anybody, just hand them out."

Bones also spoke out after the deadly tornado hit Nashville, heading to Mt. Juliet, a suburb of Nashville hit by the storms, in the immediate aftermath.

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Bones is currently serving as the in-house mentor on American Idol, which has ceased production due to coronavirus. Bones was planning on having a big party to celebrate his 40th birthday, which takes place on April 2. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, those plans have also been put on hold.

"I don't think we can have a party," Bones announced on his radio show, which is especially disappointing for the Arkansas native since the celebration was being planned by both Amy and Parker. Bones plans on having a celebration once it is safe for his friends to gather together again.

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