Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Don't Plan on Sharing Their Baby on Social Media

We might love seeing photos of Thomas Rhett and Tyler Hubbard's children on social media, but it likely won't happen when Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd soon welcome their first child into the world. Morris reveals that they don't plan on sharing many pictures of their son on any of the platforms, until he is old enough to decide for himself.

"We are kind of in the camp of letting our son decide if he wants to be shown on social media," Morris told CMT's Cody Alan. "Right now, I am enjoying sharing just my pregnancy."

Fans may not get to see their little boy, but they at least get to enjoy seeing Morris in all stages of her pregnancy –– something she is proud to show off.

"I'm not touring, and this is the biggest thing that I have ever done ... make a human," Morris quipped. "It's fascinating. I have enjoyed seeing the stages, and I also know that Ryan and I don't really want to show our baby on social media a ton. I am really enjoying the 'right now' where this is about me and my journey."

Morris and Hurd do plan on bringing their son on the road with them, a decision they came to after talking to other parents who also tour.

"It's a real life! They don't know any different," Morris told Taste of Country. "I think that's why, at this point in my career, it felt really possible ... I can do this without feeling like the new kid on the block."

"I think it'll be cool to have this baby grow up on the road and that be a normal thing," she added. "I've heard they never sleep better because a bus is natural rocking and white noise."

Hurd is equally eager to become a parent, especially at this stage in their lives.

"Maren and I are very busy people, but it feels like we've got some semblance of control over our lives right now," Hurd told CMT. "When you're first starting out in country music, you're at the mercy of the calendar and you have no control over where you're supposed to be. People fill up your day with work. That's just what it takes at the beginning. But now we both have it reined in, in a really special way. We don't feel like we are missing out and we don't feel like we have to say yes to everything.


"It's a really healthy way to bring a kid into this whole circus," he continued. "We're still gonna do our jobs and write songs and play shows, but we're gonna have a life. I feel like we're both really ready."

Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill