Garth Brooks Invites One Lucky Fan to Dinner at His Home With Wife Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks made one fan's day on Monday when he issued a unique invitation during this week’s episode of his weekly Facebook series Inside Studio G.

Elisabeth Wadin, a fan from Sweden, called into the show to ask Brooks for recommendations on vacation stops, as she is planning to honeymoon in America with her husband later this year with a road trip from Texas to Florida.

After watching Wadin's video, Brooks gave her an unexpected answer, inviting Wadin and her husband to his and wife Trisha Yearwood's home for dinner.

“I’m gonna get my butt kicked by my wife for this one,” Brooks began. “What would you think about you and your husband — why don’t you make a stop in Nashville and why don’t you come to our house and have dinner with me and Ms. Yearwood?”

The star added that he would try and convince his wife, who has her own show on the Food Network and has released multiple cookbooks, to cook something.

“You let me know when you’re gonna be here and I’ll make sure,” Brooks continued. “Because that was a sweet, sweet thing you said about the country music audience. It would be a joy to have you in our house and introduce you to the queen. I love you very, very much. Come see us!”

In her message, Wadin shared that she has only been a fan of Brooks' music for about a year, but that she is thrilled to have become a member of such a kind group of people.

"The love and kindness and respect that you have within you that is being reflected and multiplied by your fans, such an extraordinary thing," she said. "What a community to have become a part of."

See Brooks answer Wadin's question at about 16:30 in the video below.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Garth Brooks