Zelda Williams Urges Fans to Stop Sending Her Viral Robin Williams Video

Actor Jamie Costa's viral impression of the late Robin Williams has reached his daughter, actress Zelda Williams, who is asking fans to stop sending the video to her. Zelda, 32, noted that the video dramatizes one of the darkest days in her father's life when he learned of the death of his friend John Belushi. Fans have stopped sending her the video and decided to send her adorable pictures of pets instead.

"Guys, I'm only saying this because I don't think it'll stop until I acknowledge it... please, stop sending me the 'test footage,'" Zelda asked on Tuesday. "I've seen it. Jamie is SUPER talented, this isn't against him, but y'all spamming me an impression of my late Dad on one of his saddest days is weird." In another tweet, she thanked fans for sending her pictures of pets. "Btw can I just add that I really dig this new trend of folks sending unsolicited pet pictures under otherwise somewhat bummer posts? It's LOVELY, please always send me all the pictures of your furry (or scaly/spiky) dependents, please and thank you," she wrote.

On Wednesday, Zelda responded to someone who said her father wouldn't approve of her looking at an adult website. She was certain her father, whose stand-up material could be quite explicit, wouldn't care. "I mean, we can go consult a psychic if you like, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that IF there's an afterlife, my social media hating Dad is not currently wasting it giving two sh— about the dumb jokes I make on Twitter," she wrote. This also prompted her to leave Twitter behind again, writing that, "Good or bad, all tweets are a waste of time, but it's your time, waste it how you like! I bid you adieu."

Costa became a social media star on Tuesday when he posted a five-minute short called ROBIN Test Footage Scene, which showed him and Sarah Murphree acting out the moment Williams' Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber (Murphree) told Williams about Belushi's death on March 5, 1982. The video racked up 3.7 million views, far more than Costa's previous videos featuring him playing the Star Wars characters Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Williams video had many calling for a full-length biopic starring Costa as Williams, while many others found it to be in poor taste.

Williams took his own life in August 2014 at age 63. After his death, his family revealed that he was diagnosed with Lewy body disease. Williams had three children, son Zak Williams, 38, with his first wife Valeri Velardi; and Zelda and Cody Williams, 29, with his second wife, Marsha Garces Williams. He is also survived by his third wife, designer Susan Schneider.


Zelda has followed her father into show business, but she mostly focuses on voice acting. She played characters in the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shows and voiced Kuvira in The Legend of Korra. She also starred in the 2016 Freeform series Dead of Summer and appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds and Jane the Virgin.