'Yellowstone' Star Luke Grimes 'Worried' Fans Would Not Accept His Music Career

Grimes opens up about his music career in a new short film.

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes has been working on his country music career, amidst the series' lengthy break, and making some huge strides. Now, ahead of Yellowstone's return later this year, Grimes is starring in a new short film for Carhartt, wherein he opens up about his music and how he "worried" that some people wouldn't be on board.

In the video, Grimes opened up growing up in Ohio and his "blue-collar" background, explaining that his childhood had a huge impact on the "work ethic" he brought into his acting and music careers. "From a really young age, I loved films [and] music. I always said I was going to move and try to become a movie star," he shared. "I wanted to be the guy on the screen when I was in the movie theater. I wanted to be the guy on the radio when I turned on the radio."

Grimes then went on to confess that he had some doubts when he first began considering making music. "Part of me was worried that people might say 'Why is that actor guy doing music now,' but you can worry about what other people think," he said, "you can just try to put in the work and be true to yourself."

"It is clearly a different kind of you know of work, but you can care about it the same way wanting to make something quality," Grimes explained. "Rehearsing is like 98% of the work... where you really kind of tighten up as a band, work on the actual craft, work on myself, try to get better."

"To be up there is kind of always a pinch-me moment. I keep that kind of a work ethic within the art that I try to make and that I'm a part of," he concluded. "Just the way that I approach it, approach it with care and like a Tradesman like I want to be able to stand by the things that I do at the end of the day and I want to make sure that they're you know honest and true and real and just to make things that I know that I can be proud of."

Fans can see the full short film above. Yellowstone Season 5 is currently on hiatus, but will reportedly resume production soon, for a late 2024 premiere.