Why Khloe Kardashian's Fans Thought She Was Pregnant

On Wednesday, Khloe Kardashian set the record straight regarding those pregnancy rumors. But, why did the reality star's fans think that she was pregnant in the first place? Well, according to TMZ, fans initially believed that Kardashian might be pregnant due to her posts on Instagram.

There are a couple of reasons why fans thought that Kardashian might be expecting another child. They first noticed that the Revenge Body star has been posting many snaps with pink flowers lately, which they thought could have been a sign that she was having another girl. Fans also noted that many of Kardashian's posts have featured her from the waist up or have been throwback photos, meaning that they thought that the Celebrity Apprentice alum could have been sporting a baby bump. However, TMZ stressed that these are not signs that she is expecting.

Of course, Kardashian set the record straight herself via Twitter on Wednesday. In a fiery stream of tweets, she noted that these rumors are "hurtful" and that she is "disgusted" by what she is seeing said about herself. She also wrote that people believe that they know "everything" about her, including her "uterus." In a subsequent tweet, she continued to relate how troubling it is to see people judge her over a rumor.

"The nasty things you're saying about me over A RUMOR! I have seen so many hurtful/despicable stories and tweets about me over a false story," she continued to write on Twitter. "And if it were true.... it's MY LIFE, NOT YOURS. ...Funny how picky&choosy some can be with who and how you feel others should live their lives. I believe people should focus on their own lives/families, put energy into bettering the scary world we are currently living in, and try projecting positivity as opposed to nastiness."


As TMZ and Kardashian expressed, there is no truth to these pregnancy rumors. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star does share one child, a daughter named True, with her ex, Tristan Thompson. TMZ reported that Kardashian and Thompson have been spending time together every so often because they are dedicated to co-parenting their daughter.