Wendy Williams Tweets out Message After Fainting in Halloween Costume on Live TV

Wendy Williams is opening up about her health after collapsing on air during Tuesday's Halloween episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

The 53-year-old talk show host reassures viewers that her scary fall was nothing more than dehydration or overheating.

"Everybody relax. I'm doing fine, just need some water and electrolytes," she wrote in a statement on Twitter. "On another note, I slayed and laid Halloween, LOL! Shout out to my magnificent Glam Squad and [Cesar] Galindo the costume designer. More on this tomorrow."

Her followers weren't so convinced by her cavalier tone.

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"As a nurse slurred speech and delayed thought process are signs of TIA or mini strokes. It's more than overheating please get checked out," one person wrote.

"She said caress instead of guest, eyes were locked and she went to grab her head. Her brain was doing something it shouldn't.Not overheating," someone else replied.

During Tuesday's festive episode, Williams stumbled on her words, lost her balance, gazed with eyes wide, staggered and dropped out of view during, all while dressed in an elaborate bright green Statue of Liberty costume.

However, after the commercial break, Williams was back on camera assuring viewers the incident was not a prank.

"That was not a stunt," she said. "I overheated in my costume, and I did pass out. But, you know, I'm a champ, and I'm back."

After the show, Williams' team took to her Twitter to assure fans that she was recovering from the tumble well.

"Wendy is feeling much better," her team wrote. "She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup, and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. Thank you for your well wishes."

Williams' team insists that she is feeling much better after being checked out by a doctor.

"Ms. Williams fainted on-air this morning," her spokesperson Ronn Torossian told USA TODAY. "She is dehydrated and is on her way home for a good day and night of sleep. She has been examined by medical professionals and is well. She is okay and will continue as shows as planned."


"She will address this on-air tomorrow," he added. "She has never missed a day of work and is looking forward on Nov. 13 to her 1500th show."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @wendyshow