Watch: Ryan Reynolds Tears up While Receiving Major Honor

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian national treasure, and now he has an award to prove it. The Red Notice actor was given the 2021 Governor General's Performing Arts Award, and he shared a video of the honor on his Twitter account. The award also featured a tribute song from singer Steven Page from the band Barenaked Ladies, who sang an ode to Reynolds' beloved status in Canada.

"Last night, Canada honoured me with a Governor General's Award and this video. I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup," Reynolds tweeted."[Steven Page] is a friend and legend for wasting this amazing song on me. Thank you to Her Excellency, [Governor General of Canada], Mary Simon. [National Arts Centre], I'm a wreck." Reynolds was awarded this honor alongside actors Tantoo Cardinal and Catherine O'Hara, classical musician Alexina Louie, dancer Zab Maboungou, and singer Florent Vollant for their contributions to the arts and culture. The traditional ceremony was canceled due to COVID.

Reynolds went on to share how he was "glad" he didn't have to pass to be humbled by such an honor. "I'm glad I don't have to be dead to experience something like this. I'm so beyond touched right now," he wrote. "I recommend making a list of people you appreciate, then immediately telling them. You don't even have to write this list with the blood of your enemies. Just a regular pen works."

Reynolds recently announced his plans to step back from acting, and fans have been wondering how the Red Notice star plans to spend that extra time. The father of three is looking forward to spending more time with his daughters, whom he shares with fellow star Blake LivelyReynolds doesn't plan to make another movie until late next year.

During the Red Notice premiere, Reynolds, 45, told PEOPLE he didn't want to miss seeing James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, grow up. "We all want to be together during this time. Our kids are still quite young and I don't want to miss it," the Free Guy star said. He made a similar comment to Access Hollywood Wednesday, noting that their three daughters are "growing up faster than time and space would have suggested, so I want to be there... I want to spend time with them."


Reynolds isn't planning to completely walk away. He said he might go back to filming a project by the end of summer 2022. In addition, it really won't feel like he's taking a break for his fans. Red Notice hit Netflix on Nov. 12. He also recently filmed Spirited, a musical take on a Charles Dickens story directed by Sean Anders and John Morris. The movie, which also stars Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell, does not have a release date yet.