Watch: Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Interview Awkwardly Interrupted by Jennifer Lopez's Concert

It's a brand new year, but some things remain the same as it seems Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey [...]

It's a brand new year, but some things remain the same as it seems Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are bringing their age old feud into 2021. While Carey was conducting her New Year's Eve interview with Andy Cohen and CNN's Anderson Cooper, the songstress was interrupted by the loud music of Lopez's Times Square performance in the background.

"What's going on in the background? I'm hearing music," Carey asked, briefly breaking the interview. The interviewers paused before Cohen finally answered that Jlo was performing behind them. The songstress just continued to smile as the show pushed on.

Fans reacted to the awkward moment on Twitter with some hilarious commentary. "This was probably the most awkward silence on National tv," one tweet read.

Carey addressed the origin of the two stars' historic feud in her recently released memoir "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," admitting her ex-husband Tommy Mottola allegedly attempted to derail her career. At the time, Mottola was a Sony music executive who was managing Jennifer Lopez's career. Mottola tried taking a sample she used on her 2001 single "Loverboy" and giving it to "another female entertainer on their label (whom I don't know)."

For those not well versed in the Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey story, the "whom I don't know" quip is a shady jab referencing her iconic early 2000's interview in which she was asked her opinion on a few of her rival singers. After saying she thought Beyonce was a "good writer," she went on to say "I don't know her," when asked about JLo.

New Year's Eve night was full of other viral moments and surprises as the hosts spoke with other celebrities. At one point, Anderson Cooper broke his cool as he burst into laughter while hearing all of the places where Snoop Dogg has smoked weed.

Cohen asked Snoop about a variety of places where he suspected the rapper had smoked weed, asking him if he'd ever done it on CNN. The star responded saying, "No, but in front of the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard, I have."