Warren Sapp Sent Women Sex Toys Thinking They Were 'Cute' Gifts

Warren Sapp is among the several former NFL players named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the NFL network by a former employee.

Jami Cantor, who worked as a wardrobe stylist at the network, alleges multiple cases of inappropriate sexual behavior committed by executives and on-air talent that include unwanted touching, sexting and propositions.

Sapp in particular stands accused of urinating in front of Cantor, talking openly about sexual experiences, showing her nude photos of women on his phone and giving her sex toys as Christmas gifts three years in a row.

In an incredulous response to the allegations, Sapp tweeted photos of the toys while trying to defend himself.

"I'm sorry I thought they was cute!" he wrote alongside one photo.

In another post, he wrote, "You thinking Sex now?"

The NFL Hall of Famer also sat for an interview on the Andy Slater Show in another attempt to bolster his defense, where he claimed he gave the sex toys to three other women who worked in makeup for the NFL Network because they asked him to.

"No, nah," Sapp told Slater when asked if he gave Cantor sex toys as a gift. "The sex toys are little vibrators. Little toys for ladies that move around a little bit. It's a little discreet way to carry your little thing around for the ladies."

He told Slater that if Cantor had one, she must have gotten it from one of the women working in makeup.

He also denied urinating in front of Cantor, telling Slater instead that he rushed into the only bathroom on set, in which Cantor was completing some styling work, and asked her to leave because he had to get back on air after the break. He told Slater he believed she had left the room.

“I ain’t pee in front of my wife, and I was married with her for nine years,” Sapp told Slater. “That’s just not something you do. What is that about?”

Sapp also denied the claims that he showed Cantor nude photos on his phone, saying that Cantor asked him about his model girlfriend, so he showed her photos of her in a swimsuit.

The 44-year-old father of four again denied fault when asked by Slater if he thought he was guilty of sexual harassment.


"Ain't no me too on sexual harassment," Sapp said. "Are you kidding me? No way. Uh-uh, sir. No. You're not going to put that one on me."

I was raised better than that. I don't doo-doo where I eat. I'm not a dog, and I'm not that stupid," he added.