Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Recent Weight Loss

Valerie Bertinelli is putting her health first. She recently opened up about how she celebrated the new year by cutting out alcohol, as Us Weekly noted. As a result of cutting back on alcohol, Bertinelli went "down a size" after experiencing weight loss. 

Bertinelli first opened up about the "nice little side effect" that she experienced thanks to taking part in Dry January. She explained on TikTok, "These jeans that I'm wearing were so tight a few months ago that I couldn't comfortably button them. Now, they're so loose it's time for me to go down a size. Yeah, I like that side effect." In the comments section of the post, many others related to the actor's Dry January experience. One individual commented, "I did Sober October AND dry January AND way lesss sugar. Very little weight loss. So crazy! But I'm feeling healthier." Bertinelli might just follow their lead, as she replied, "Oooh, sober October. I like it. I may also do dry July." 


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In a TikTok video that she posted in January, Bertinelli explained the reasons why she was cutting back on alcohol for the first month of the year. She said that she wanted to do Dry January to "cut down on the cravings for my sugar" and to "calm down the cortisol in my body." The Hot in Cleveland star added, "If you're doing a dry January, let's have fun. Let's do it together. If not, it's okay. It doesn't matter. You take care of yourself, I'll take care of me."

Bertinelli has been very open about her journey with her weight. In June 2022, she appeared on Today With Hoda and Jenna and spoke about the topic while promoting her memoir, Enough Already. She referenced how some of the "challenges" in her life have taken a toll on her body, and that she wasn't going to criticize herself over her image. "I'm looking at the monitor and trying not to judge myself too harshly right now because I know that I'm still holding on to this weight because it's protecting me right now," Bertinelli explained, per CNN. "Because I'm going through a lot of challenges, a lot of heartbreak, a lot of crazy stuff going on in my life right now."

"I know this weight is protecting me right now and when I get healthier internally and emotionally that weight will come off," she went on to say. "I know I'm treating my body better. I'm drinking less alcohol, I'm eating less sugar, I'm putting more vegetables in my body, but my body is doing this for a reason … because it needs protection."