Exclusive: Lisa Bloom Seeks Witnesses in Trey Songz Assault Case

Lisa Bloom, the attorney representing an alleged assault victim of Trey Songz, is seeking witnesses in the case, PopCulture.com has learned.

The unidentified woman in the case, who is said to be longtime friends with the R&B singer, claims he assaulted her at a rented Hollywood home on Feb. 17. Songz allegedly choked and punched her for talking to one of his friends.

Bloom says she and the victim met with Los Angeles police on Monday to turn over evidence in the case.

"My client and I went in to meet with the Los Angeles police detective on the Trey Songz case yesterday," Bloom told PopCulture.com. "We are sending the detective many pictures of my client's bruises, my client's hospital records, and names of witnesses."

There were reportedly numerous witnesses to the assault, and Bloom is encouraging them to contact her or authorities. She urged anyone with knowledge of the case to contact her through The Bloom Firm's official website.

"Because a number of people were present in the house and garage where my client says she was choked and punched by Trey Songz, we are imploring witnesses to come forward," Bloom said. "They can contact either me or the LAPD. Although the group consisted of Trey's friends and employees, I believe that one person in that group has a conscience and wants to stand up for a woman's right not to be a victim of violence."

In addition to an update on the legal case she was building, Bloom also updated the status of the alleged victim. The woman is apparently undergoing medical treatment for her injuries and has been unable to work since the alleged incident occurred.


"I'm very proud of my client for standing up for her rights immediately after the experience that she says was one of the worst in her life," Bloom said. "She's continuing to go to doctor and therapist appointments this week. She hasn't been able to work since that awful night."

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records / Mel D. Cole