Travis Scott Sparks Concern After Erratically Driving

Travis Scott is turning heads after he was caught on camera driving erratically to see his [...]

Travis Scott is turning heads after he was caught on camera driving erratically to see his daughter Stormi. The rapper drove through Beverly Hills and ended up at Coldwater Canyon's playground, but not before blowing through a stop sign and running a red light. The father-of-one was caught on camera by a photographer, according to TMZ, when he was seen driving with a mission.

Scott was driving a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Cabriolet in the video when he was filmed barely stopping at a stop sign before turning left. In another part of the quick clip, he was seen driving around another Mercedes before cutting them off at a red light to turn left again. While it's unclear on what exactly may have been going on with Stormi, as the TMZ story indicated, the outlet's publication was updated to clarify that a source close to the rapper confirmed he wasn't driving like that because of Stormi and was unable to explain.

While his driving may be making headlines, fans are still speculating where he and his ex-Kylie Jenner are at in their relationship. Ever since they broke up in 2019, the two have been co-parenting well together, even sparking rumors that they've rekindled their romance. More recently, their family trip to Disneyland had their fans gushing over the pair, hoping this meant they were officially back together. The two each took to social media to share photos and videos of their special day there but still haven't confirmed if they're back together or not.

While Jenner is famously known for her family's show Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has shared so much of her life on camera, she has chosen to remain quiet about several things in her life, including her pregnancy. When she and Scott first found out they were expecting, that was not a piece of information they wanted the public to know; instead, keeping their exciting news private the entire pregnancy. By the time the pandemic struck America and families were forced to quarantine, Jenner mentioned that she was somewhat used to quarantine life on the popular reality series since that's exactly what she did. At the same time, she was pregnant to keep it a secret.

At one point, she noted that she couldn't go outside because of the helicopters flying around her house. Once her stomach got to a certain size, there was no way that she would be able to hide it. While she has mentioned she would like her little girl to have siblings, she hasn't given a timeline on that or if she and Scott will parent a second child together, although sources close to the two say their connection is undeniable.