Travis Barker's Son Landon Slams Mom Shanna Moakler During Dad's Kourtney Kardashian Romance

Travis Barker's son Landon Barker claimed his mother, model Shanna Moakler, is no longer in his and his sister's lives. Landon, 17, made the allegation in response to a TikTok critic who accused him and sister Alabama, 15, of treating Moakler "like trash." The comment came after Moakler, 46, got a tattoo of the Blink 182 drummer's name removed on Friday. Barker, 45, and Moakler divorced in 2008. He is now dating Kourtney Kardashian.

Earlier this week, Landon posted a TikTok video of himself and Alabama lip-syncing to a song. "Two pieces of trash," one TikTok user wrote in response to the video, reports InTouch Weekly. "Taking sides with your dad only because of his house and treating your mother like trash." Landon quickly responded. "Actually if you weren't such a dumba— you would realize our mom has never been in our lives and isn't there for us like our dad is," he wrote.

This was not the first time Landon or Alabama have publicly called out their mother. In April, when Moakler shared a photo with her boyfriend Mattew Rondeau, Landon said it was the "most on and off relationship ever" and said his mother "can do so much better." Alabama appeared to call out Moakler in a TikTok video in which she lip-synched to Kehlani's "The Letter." The song's lyrics read, "And every girl needs a mother/ And damn it, I needed you/ Instead you dug for cover/ And you ran from the truth/ And like kids do/ You waited around for proof."

On Friday, Moakler visited Los Angeles skincare expert Nurse Jamie to have the tattoo of Barker's name removed from her wrist. In a video, Moakler was heard warning her fans against getting names tattooed on their bodies. "That is intense, but it's worth it," Moakler said after the tattoo was burned off. "Bye-bye, tattoo... I think we'll probably only need one more session on this tattoo, and I think I'll be good."

Trolls lashed out at her for getting Barker's name removed, even though they divorced long before Barker began his relationship with Kardashian, 42. "To my newfound haters, to clarify since everyone seems to know my personal life, my ex put a skull tattoo over our initials on his hand while his new girl lovingly looked on, that was done with purpose and intent along with posts to try to insult me and my happiness with my new man," she wrote in a response to fans, reports Yahoo Entertainment. "Once again weird! This was my final session on a tattoo of his name I've been removing for some time."


Since Barker and Kardashian began dating, the two have not been shy about sharing PDA photos on their Instagram pages. Barker also got the phrase "I love you" tattooed in Kardashian's handwriting. The PDA photos inspired some comments from Moakler, who believes they are "weird."

"I'm very much over my ex. It's been a long time. However, do I think some of the PDA that he's doing with her is weird? [Yes]," Moakler told PEOPLE earlier this week. "The movie, True Romance, that I feel like they've been bonding over was the theme of our wedding. Our daughter's named after the character in the movie. Flying banners overhead like we did on Meet the Barkers. Stuff like that ... I just think it's weird." Moakler approved Barker's new relationship, noting that she is "really, genuinely happy" for the musician.