Track Palin Ex-Girlfriend Describes Terror She Suffered: 'This Is a Violent Person'

As Track Palin’s trial approaches for his alleged assault on his father, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son is speaking out about his violent tendencies.

Jordan Loewe says that her relationship with the eldest son of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was riddled with threats, guns, and violence. In a recent interview with DailyMailTV, she described Track Palin as a controlling and insecure person, detailing his relentless phone calls to her and her friends whenever she was out of his presence.

Loewe met Palin through mutual friends in 2014. “At the beginning, there were a couple of red flags but nothing that really alarmed me,” she said. They dated off and on, but the young veteran had a possessive streak that frightened Loewe more and more as they went on.

She briefly left Palin after a particularly gruesome assault in January of 2016, when he knocked her to the ground and punched her in the face. Afterward, Loewe says that Palin threatened to shoot himself with one of the many guns he had collected in the house.

Loewe got back together with Palin when she discovered that she was pregnant with his son, but she says she ultimately left him for the same reason, when Palin attacked her with their son in her arms.

“That was when I finally left. My son's life was in danger so many times in that day. I don't know why it took that long but that was where I drew the line. I didn't care if I had to live in a box with my son - I'm not letting him live through this hell. Charlie's going to have a dead mom and a dad in prison if I don't leave. I felt that Track was going to kill me or kill both of us,” she said.

Now, Loewe is coming forward to share her story. She told reporters she was influenced by the Me Too movement, as well as the upcoming trial for Track’s assault on his father. In addition to the interview, she shared a series of disturbing voice mails and phone recordings from Palin’s most manic phases.

In one 2016 call, Track can be heard saying, “Obviously, if you're coming out here, and you're going to bring anybody else out here, then your person who you're going to bring out here is a hostile intent, and I'm going to treat him like a hostile intent I'm going to put him in the ground. I'm going to bury him.”

Other calls contain endless strings of profanities, as Palin insults the mother of his child and demands to know where she is every hour of every day.

Loewe hopes that her story will be a wake up call to others in abusive relationships.

“From the outside, abusive relationships are hard to comprehend,” she said. “People think, 'You're being abused? Just leave.' It seems so simple but it's not. These perpetrators are people we know, we love and we trust. I'm finally accepting of what happened to me and I want to talk about it. Not because I want people to hear my sob story but because it's not just me, it's happening everywhere.”

“You have to know it's not your fault,” she continued. “You did nothing to deserve this. That took me a long time to understand. No one deserves to live in fear for their life, to be tortured or abused. We overcome by talking and telling the truth.”