Tori Spelling Says She and Her Kids Witnessed Man Shooting Machine Gun

Tori Spelling is counting her lucky stars after she says she and her children witnessed a shooting at a hotel. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to Twitter on Thursday morning and wrote that she, her kids, and "others" were "unharmed" after they saw "a man with a machine gun who then started shooting." She said "all" are safe and went on to thank the hotel staff. It's unclear where the incident took place.

WSB-TV 2 reports that dozens of officers responded to reports of an apparently drunk man repeatedly firing bullets into a hotel in midtown Atlanta Wednesday night, although it's not clear if that's where Spelling, 47, was. It's also unclear if all five of her children were present. The outlet reports that the man was detained and that no one was injured.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that investigators learned the shots were fired at the vehicle of an off-duty Atlanta Metropolitan State College police officer working an extra job, according to Atlanta police spokesman Officer Steve Avery. A guest on the third floor told Channel 2 that the man "runs in the hotel, gets his gun, he comes around, starts shooting and goes back into the hotel. I just fell on the floor and just ducked."

Spelling is mom to daughters Stella, 12, and Hattie, 8, as well as sons Liam, 13, Finn, 8, and Beau, 3, with husband Dean McDermott. In August, Spelling and her kids traveled up the Southern California coast from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara for a few days, where they stayed in a hotel and enjoyed time together on the beach amid the pandemic. She thanked the hotel for a "truly magical experience" and noted that "everyone is super safe and sanitary."


Spelling has seemingly been in the midst of financial troubles recently, with reports surfacing in July that money was seized from her bank account after she refused to pay back debts she owed to American Express. A writ of execution was ordered by the court in March and executed by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs' Department in April, according to court documents. Prior to the ruling, Spelling's debt to the credit card company ballooned to $88,731.25.

American Express originally filed a lawsuit against Spelling in October 2016. A default judgment against her was made in March 2017, ordering her to pay back the amount she owed. A second case opened in 2016 against her and McDermott in which the couple owed more than $226,000 to Citi National Bank and is ongoing.