Tori Spelling Spurs New Financial Rumors With Latest Business Venture

Given Tori Spelling's financial woes as of late, combined with the latest ad shared on her social media, some people are wondering: Is Tori Spelling broke?

While it's not uncommon for celebrities to sell products on Instagram to earn a buck, the situation might read a little different for Spelling, whose net worth has come into question in light of her recent financial troubles.

(Photo: Instagram / @torispelling)

In an ad Spelling shared for the spring FabFitFun subscription box, some wondered if her pretty common Instagram ads were her main source of income.

After praising the subscription box's contents like a candle, a clutch, earrings, eye mask and other fun goodies, she wrote, "use my code TORI at to get $10 on your first order/Box."

Some of Spelling's Instagram followers loved the ad, leaving comments like "I have the box too Luv Ya Tori."

"Girl! I loved the Spring Box! The clutch and the sleep mask so amazing," one person said.

Another even said they ordered last season's box because of Spelling's previous ad for it.

"I bought mine because of your post last season! This is my second box and it's so fun to open the box full of gifts. My husband even said it was cool and an awesome way to treat myself," the person wrote.

But others wrote that they were tired of seeing Spelling's ads for not just FabFitFun, but other products as well.

"Please no more fanfitfun adds [sic]," someone said.

"Always pimping some product— go back to acting — both of you and make some real money," someone wrote, referring to Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott.

Others commented that they didn't like the subscription box in general.

"Someone sent me this box of crap as a gift....#next. The trash pickup will be fruitful," one person wrote.

"A box of junk!" another echoed.

Spelling and McDermott have found themselves in financial trouble after it was reported that Spelling failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to City National Bank.

The two were sued by City National Bank in December 2016 for not paying back a 2010 loan for $400,000. The bank claimed the couple owes "an unpaid principle balance in the amount of $185,714.05, plus interest in the amount of $2,407.92 and late charges in the amount of $681.41, for a total of $188,803.38."

The bank also wanted her to pay back the $17,149.09 she withdrew in September 2016. In May 2017, it won a judgement of $202,066.10 plus $17,730.56 when the couple didn't pay it back.

Because Spelling failed to pay back the $220,000, the judge in the case ordered her to appear in court on Feb. 21 to present financial documents outlining her situation, with a consequence of heading to jail for contempt of court if she did not attend.

Spelling has been facing financial problem for years. She's also facing two American Express lawsuits for owing over $125,000. The IRS has also targeted her and McDermott for unpaid taxes. Meanwhile, she continues to throw lavish parties for their children.


On top of all that, McDermott has also been in trouble for not paying ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace child support for their 19-year-old son Jack. Page Six reported in November that McDermott had been "dodging" anyone who tries to serve him papers and Eustace has made multiple attempts to reach him.

Spelling and McDermott have five children together: sons Liam, Finn and Beau and daughters Stella and Hattie.