Tori Spelling's Husband Dean McDermott Says Daughter 'Had PTSD' While Addressing Bullying Claims

The past few days have been quite an emotional one for Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott. Over the weekend, the 90210 star shared a photo of two of their children when they were very young. In the caption, she opened up about how they've been dealing with bullying on a regular basis.

On Tuesday, McDermott decided to keep the conversation going when he spoke about it on his podcast, Daddy Issues. He confirmed that both of their children, Stella and Liam, have experienced it, saying the things they were hearing from their bullies were stunning to him.

"He called [Stella] the C-word, he made references about how much sex she has," McDermott shared with his co-hosts, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

McDermott also said the bully would reference plastic surgery he claimed Spelling underwent, but had no factual evidence, to which he said, "Where does an 11-year-old come up with that?"

He noted Liam dealt with similar situations, but his was more physical as McDermott explained "they would hit him."

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In addition, he says "they were making jokes about weight, and then they were calling him gay."

All in all, the trauma of the bullying has taken its toll on their kids, which was what Spelling referenced in her post over the weekend. McDermott followed that up by saying Stella did have PTSD from all of her experiences. He explained that whenever she'd see the school, it would always be associated with what she went through there.

"It's really messing with her emotionally, like all these hormones are going crazy with her body and then this happens," McDermott shared.

He revealed that Liam didn't say anything about what he was going through being he's the "stoic" one as McDermott pointed out, but that they ultimately pulled him from the school, too, because he started dealing with stomach pains and headaches while at the school.

In the initial post by Spelling, she wrote in length about each of her children's situations. She explained at the end of it why it took so long for her to share the news, noting that she "was hesitant to post this [because] as celebs we are sometimes judged for having problems others have."


In addition to Stella and Liam, Spelling and McDermott have three other kids — all younger. McDermott also has a 21-year-old.