Thomas Markle Shares Rarely Seen Photos of Meghan Markle, and She Looks Just Like Baby Archie

Thomas Markle is opening up about his estranged daughter Meghan Markle's life before becoming a royal. During a revealing tell-all documentary, Thomas Markle: My Story, the retired lighting director shared rare and never-before-seen photos of his daughter before she was ever minted the Duchess of Sussex, a role she is now seemingly trying to escape with her and husband Prince Harry's royal exit.

Over the course of the 90-minute documentary, Markle shared dozens of never-before-seen photos of Markle's life prior to her engagement to Harry and their subsequent fallout. Among the images were photos of the day she was born and her younger years, showing Meghan baring a striking resemblance to her 8-month-old son Archie.

Other photos showed her and her father bonding, images of Meghan with her mother, Doria Ragland, and family gatherings, including at Christmastime and summer picnics in California, as well as photos from the moment she secured her breakout role on Suits.

You can see more of the photos that Markle shared on the Daily Mail by clicking here.

Along with the dozens of photos, Markle also shared home video showing Meghan's school productions, her high school graduation, and her leaving for college.

In the documentary, Markle reflected on his daughter's August 1981 birth, calling her childhood years "the happiest of my life."

"When she was born I couldn't have been happier," he recalled. "They handed her to me, I saw her face, her little fingers wrapped around my fingers and that was it, I was in love. I just knew she was going to be special. I was just knocked out by that child. She was just beautiful and I just couldn't put her down."

Although Markle and his daughter remained close even after she left for college, Markle stating that he still saw her "three to four times a week," their relationship began to sour after she became linked to Harry. Things only worsened after he found himself caught up in a paparazzi scandal and was forced to back out of the royal wedding due to a health crisis. Despite the rift in their relationship, however, Markle says that he still supports his daughter.


"She's been supported and loved by everybody on both sides of her [American] family," Markle said. "The family that she's joined is far stiffer than the one that she's left."

Although the documentary is proving to be controversial among royal fans on social media, Markle explained at the beginning of the film that he wants "everyone to know that I am not all the trashy things that are being said about me."