'The View' Host Meghan McCain Gives Rare Pregnancy Update

Despite previously saying she wouldn't be providing updates on her pregnancy, Meghan McCain gave in just a little bit to give a look at the latest that's going on with her. In a post on her Instagram story, The View co-host shared that her baby moves around inside her like "a wildcat," adding that the baby is "wild in the womb." McCain added she's not all too surprised that a "spawn of me and Ben [Domenech]," would be so antsy.

About two weeks prior to this latest update, McCain shared some heartbreaking news as to why she was deciding to keep her pregnancy private, at least for the most part. Being in the spotlight 24/7 and having a father who spent much of his life in it as well as a politician, McCain has grown tired of trolls that have overstepped throughout the years and simply does not want that to come onto her child and during her pregnancy. She referred to social media as a "cesspool" and added that she believes her future child has a right to privacy. McCain admitted it would be tough keeping things out of the spotlight considering who she is and the fact that she works on a popular daytime talk show, but that it's something she will try because, as she put it, "I've always lived by the beat of my own drum."

Back in March, McCain revealed that she and her husband were expecting. As a result of carrying a baby, McCain ended up hosting The View remotely early in the process as a precaution. She explained that she was told by doctors it would be best for both her and her baby's health if she made the decision to self-quarantine as the coronavirus pandemic began to sweep across the nation.

While working remotely, McCain has remained as outspoken as ever among the panel of hosts. At one point during an episode last month, McCain engaged in a heated discussion about the stimulus checks. The conversation got so intense that Whoopi Goldberg cut the program short, pulling the plug to get into a commercial break. Recently, McCain engaged in a back-and-forth with Kamala Harris over defunding police.

McCain joined The View in 2017 after previously working on networks like ABC News, Fox News and MSNBC. The 35-year-old got engaged to Domenech in July of 2017 and married later that year in Arizona.