'The View' Host Meghan McCain Reveals Heartbreaking Reason She's Keeping Pregnancy Private

Meghan McCain has been holding back when it comes to her pregnancy, and fans have been wondering why. Since she announced in March that she and husband Ben Domenech were expecting their first child together, The View host has yet to share anything else when it comes to her pregnancy.

It turns out that there's a reason for that as she explained in detail the decision she and her husband made in keeping the details private. On Twitter, she wrote how it boils down to the negativity received in the past, how people have written to her that "they are glad my Dad got cancer" and because of seeing those vile things, they feel its best to keep the news of their unborn child "out of the social media cesspool" for how long she can. She provided even further reasoning on her Instagram in which she posted a screenshot of her tweet before writing an in-depth caption about the issue.

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"I believe children have a right to privacy," McCain began her caption. She reiterated that previous comments made by trolls in the past led to this decision as she "learned a lot of hard lessons." She admitted it may seem strange to keep things so private considering her position in the media and how her life has been in the headlines, "I've always lived by the beat of my own drum." She wrapped up her message by thanking her followers, saying that all the messages she has received "meant a lot during this crazy time."


When she first announced that she was pregnant, she wrote that she was "blessed" to be in this position before saying that due to the coronavirus outbreak, she was advised it would be best to "be extra vigilant about limiting the amount of people we come in contact with." She has since worked remotely in hosting The View, which has created some pretty tense moments with the hosts working from home including one instance in which Whoopi Goldberg even pulled the plug during a debate on the pandemic. The heated discussion emerged as the two discussed the $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill proposal with McCain calling it a wish list for the Democrats after dismissing the takes her counterparts had earlier in the conversation.