'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Defends Lizzo Amid Lakers Outfit Controversy: 'Let Her Live'

Meghan McCain is joining the debate regarding Lizzo's backside-baring Lakers game outfit. During Tuesday's episode of The View, the co-host voiced her support for letting the rapper live her life and make her own decision in the thick of the controversy, which was sparked after the "Truth Hurts" rapper donned the controversial ensemble at Sunday's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

"Apparently all eyes were on Lizzo when she went to a Lakers game on Sunday because she wore a thing dress that set off a raging internet debate whether it was inappropriate," Whoopi Goldberg began the segment, holding up an image of the rapper's controversial outfit, a big red dot blurring out her exposed backside. "True to form, Lizzo responded that the haters can kiss the big red dot."

While Joy Behar seemed indifferent on the outfit, joking "I think I'm gonna wear that to this wedding I'm going to," Sunny Hostin took a bit of a stronger stance, stating that "I just don't think she needs it."

Eventually, McCain, who had otherwise been silent as her co-hosts debated, joined in, defending the rapper's outfit of choice.

"Sometimes your like all up in vibe someplace. Like, I know this certainly happens to me in Vegas sometimes, where there's like, people out, everyone's having a good time, and you just like start dancing," McCain said. "And I'm nothing like Lizzo in the sense that she's an incredible performer and if I started dancing you'd all run away screaming, but she's amazing, and I just think she was probably having fun at a Lakers game."

"Of all the things going on in the country, it was No. 1 on Twitter yesterday, and I was like, 'Really?' Let her live. Let her live her life," she added.

Debate over Lizzo's outfit has been making headlines ever since photos and videos of it made their way to social media. Some have slammed the rapper for being inappropriate, though others, like actress Jameela Jamil, have praised her for supporting body positivity.


As for what Lizzo thinks of the fierce reaction? Taking to an Instagram Live video Monday, she said that "it doesn't really matter what goes down on the internet, nothing really breaks my joy."