‘The Masked Singer' Judge Ken Jeong Shades Donald Trump's Recent All-Caps Tweets

Actor Ken Jeong poked fun at President Donald Trump on Twitter this weekend for his all-caps tweets. Jeong retweeted some of the president's online catchphrases on Saturday, adding his own spin on them to make them suit his interests. The Masked Singer judge seemed to have a few tips for Trump on handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeong is a beloved comedian known for starring in movies like The Hangover, TV shows like Community and, more recently, judging The Masked Singer on ABC. This weekend, he turned his judgment on Trump, turning the president's words against him. When Trump tweeted, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" Jeong countered, "MAKE AMERICA DIVERSE AND HEALTHY AGAIN!" When Trump tweeted, "TRANSITION TO GREATNESS!" Jeong wrote, "TRANSITION TO SOMEONE ELSE!"

In general, fans and followers seemed to agree with Jeong's quips, responding with laughing emojis and cheering on the actor. Jeong's work is not necessarily political, though, like many entertainers, he uses social media to share jokes and news items, including some indicating his political preferences.

Those kinds of posts have escalated for Jeong recently since he is a certified medical doctor. Jeong pursued a career in comedy only after achieving stability as a doctor, so a global crisis like the coronavirus pandemic is one he is particularly qualified to comment on. Judging by his retweets, he does not approve of the Trump administration's handling of the virus so far.

Jeong worked as a physician in the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Woodland Hills, California, for years before making comedy his full-time job. This background has often come up in his work, from his stand-up material to his writing, including his show Dr. Ken. Jeong even speaks about medical issues in interviews, often joking with his castmates about it.


These days, Jeong has been revisiting one of his most iconic roles a lot — Ben Chang on Community. Jeong and his co-star Joel McHale have started a podcast called The Darkest Timeline, named after a Community story, and have been talking about the show on the new public forum. They have also had the other main cast members on for interviews and discussions recently, as well as series creator Dan Harmon.

New episodes of The Darkest Timeline Podcast go up every week for free on YouTube, iTunes and other podcast services. The Masked Singer is expected to return this fall on ABC, assuming coronavirus restrictions have loosened by then.