The Agent Terry Crews Accused of Assaulting Him Has Returned to Work

Adam Venit, the agent who allegedly groped Terry Crews without his consent, has returned to work at William Morris Endeavors. The agency put Venit on an unpaid suspension after Crews' story went public. They conducted an internal investigation into the incident, and they now believe it was an isolated incident. As far as the agency is concerned, Venit has been disciplined.

Crews was not pleased by the development. Since sharing his story, the actor has become an activist for victims of systemic abuse and harassment. Shortly after the story of Venit's return to work broke, Crews tweeted, "SOMEONE GOT A PASS."

The tweet is likely a reference to another one from last week. On November 19th, Crews tweeted a screenshot of an e-mail he received from Russell Simmons, where Simmons urged him to "Give the agent a pass."

In his tweet, Crews wrote "DEAR [Russell Simmons] -- NO ONE GETS A PASS."

Since he joined in with the #MeToo movement in October, Crews has fired WME as his agency, and filed a report against Venit with the Los Angeles Police Department. That case is ongoing, despite Venit's return to WME.


Though Venit has returned to work, it's not the same job he left behind. He's been demoted from his previous position as head of the motion picture department at WME. Venit represents some of the highest-paid performers in Hollywood, including Steve Martin, Vince Vaughn, and Adam Sandler.

Crews has said that at the time of his encounter with Venit, he reported it to his own agent, but it was quietly buried. Senior management at WME says that they had never heard about the incident until October.