Taye Diggs Touches on 'All American' Season 3: 'Everybody's Very Excited to Get Back to Work' (Exclusive)

Amid mass shutdowns across the U.S., including several studio productions and theatrical releases stemming from the coronavirus lockdown, fans are eager for their favorite shows to return to the small screen, like The CW's beloved sports drama, All American. But with pandemic shutting down much of Hollywood and businesses alike, viewers are unsure of when their favorite show will return. Taye Diggs, who stars as Bill Baker in the beloved primetime series revealed Season 3 without a doubt is happening, but is unsure of when it will premiere. While the season may seem far away, in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com for our series, PopCulture @ Home, Diggs said he and the rest of the cast are more than eager to get back on set and tentatively plan for a fall release.

"Season 3 is definitely coming, and as you can imagine, everybody's very excited to get back to work," Diggs said. "As of now, we're supposed to go back to shooting September, October. But you know, everything is kind of up in the air. But the good news is that there definitely is a season three [...] the writers have extra time to write so the writing will be done we know that for sure."

Fans will remember Season 2 ended with Baker [Diggs] getting offered by star player Spencer James [Daniel Ezra] to join him at South Central, as they would both leave Beverly Hills High School. Baker is also in the middle of a divorce from wife, Laura Baker [Monet Mazur] — although it's unclear on whether they'll follow through with the split or not. Additionally, James is battling potential nerve damage after being shot in the shoulder.

While we attempted to gather as much information about the new season as possible, Diggs held his ground, joking with us in a lighthearted back-and-forth exchange. However, he did reveal he's interested in seeing how the writers will work with Baker and his son Jordan Baker's [Michael Evans Behling] relationship.

"This is what I know: I know that I'm excited to go back to work because very rarely when you're on a show that is doing well you usually know the choices you're gonna make as an actor because I've been playing this character for two seasons," he said. "But now that they're switching this up and I'm gonna be literally coaching for the opposing team but still having a son that is the quarterback for the team I used to coach for, I have no idea how the writers are going to approach that."


Diggs, who is also the father to 10-year-old son Walker, says he can't help but to channel his fatherly instincts in wanting to put his kid first in a scenario that Baker and Jordan are in. However, he isn't sure if the writers will do what Diggs would do in real life. "I know personally, as a father, my son comes first, so regardless of my ego, regardless of my job, I'm rooting for my son, you know what I mean? I don't know if Coach Baker's gonna be like that. [...] I'm really excited to see where they're gonna go with that."

Until he gets back on set, Diggs has been enjoying the quality time he and Walker have had this summer — even though it's been different from the ones in the past, given the heightened circumstances with the pandemic. Recently, the actor partnered with Quaker Chewy's for their "Camp Chewy" program, which has helped him re-create camp experiences for Walker after learning his was canceled for the year. "It helps parents get together with their kids, because most of camps have been — as you've said — shut down [...]," Diggs noted, revealing his son was "devastated" when he found out he couldn't attend this year. However, parents can visit No Camp, No Problem for ways to "re-create" the experience at home for their kids.