Steve-O Arrested in England After Jumping From Tower of London Bridge

Jackass star Steve-O was arrested in England after jumping from the Tower of London Bridge into the water below. TMZ reported that the stuntman was detained by police once he was fished out of the River Thames. Steve-O is visiting the United Kingdom on his Bucket List tour, and had lept from the bridge while holding an umbrella emblazoned with the design of the nation's flag.

Over on his Instagram, Steve-O offered some clarity on the situation, explaining, "I was detained by police after doing this jump off the Tower Of London Bridge yesterday, but they were totally cool, and understood that I'm just super excited to be taping my THIRD (and craziest by far) comedy special on Friday, July 14 in London (where I was born!)" He added, "This incredible photo sequence was shot by [Pete Jobson], and the photo from above was shot by [Mike Chudley]. What an epic day yesterday was! PS- the video of this is in my stories!"

Steve-O's run-in with the law comes weeks after his former Jackass co-star Bam Magera found himself in a similar situation. Margera has publicly struggled with his sobriety for years, and in early June he was taken into custody by police and placed on a 5150 hold due to concerns that he may self-harm. TMZ reported that police sources told the outlet they tracked the former Jackass star by using his phone GPS data, eventually finding him at Trejo's Tacos, a Los Angeles eatery owned by actor Danny Trejo. 

Officers allegedly found Margera behaving erratically so, combined with previous self-harm comments he made publicly, they transported him to a treatment center and placed him on a 5150 hold. Previously, Margera lashed out at his family on social media, with TMZ reporting that the ex-pro skater shared a video in which he claimed that he hasn't been allowed to see his son, Phoenix, in several weeks. Margera also accused his estranged wife, Nicole "Nikki" Boy, of keeping their child away from him. 

He alleged that this impacted his sobriety. Margera reportedly ended the clip by threatening to walk down to a boardwalk and smoke crack until he dies, if he was not allowed to see his son. The former pro-skater was eventually released and admitted to a rehab center run by Lamar Odom, however, he later ditched the facility.