Stephen King's Pennywise Meme About Coronavirus Concerns Is a Must-See

There is no shortage of concern over the growing coronavirus threat in the United States and other parts of the world. Several events have already been canceled in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, like SXSW in Austin, Texas. It has also sparked a rush on stores for items like canned food, water, and hand sanitizer.

Some have taken advantage of the situation in an attempt to capitalize on it, while others are trying to just keep spirits bright. Stephen King falls into the latter category, dropping a meme based on his classic IT and its primary antagonist Pennywise the Clown.

The horror legend shared a meme poking fun at those seeking hand sanitizer and the iconic opening scene of the TV mini-series starring Tim Curry as the evil clown.

Using hand sanitizer to lure unsuspecting children or shoppers into its sewer lair is exactly something you'd expect from the modern iteration too, taking advantage of the public panic and thriving on it. Luckily he is fiction, so all we have to worry about is funny memes.

Fans lined up to comment on King's post, making it clear that they loved it and appreciated the work of King, even if it was hitting a little close to home in some aspects.

"Hand sanitizer and balloons, count me in!" one fan wrote.

"Captain Trips on the way," another added referencing the fictional disease from King's The Stand.

"This made me laugh …..however, why am I thinking this could actually happen?" a third wrote.


The spread of the coronavirus and the natural tendency of people to panic has led to a shortage of items like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and medical masks around the globe. While the CDC did note that the alcohol-based hand scrub is effective against the spread of some viruses and bacteria, washing hands with soap is more effective.

Still, many have hit stores to buy sanitizer and stores are currently without. So could we actually see a black market pop up? Who knows. But you definitely don't need to buy it from the clown in the sewer.