'Star Wars' Actor Adam Driver Allegedly Has a Secret Son

Adam Driver has a 2-year-old son with his wife, whom he has fought to shelter from his fame in the last few years, according to a report by Page Six.

Sources close to the actor claimed that longstanding rumors about Driver having a child were true. They claim he shares a 2-year-old son with his wife, Joanne Tucker. As proof, they cited Tucker's private Instagram feed, where only friends and family follow her.

According to the report, Tucker's feed is full of photos from a dual baby shower she shared with one of her sisters. In one picture, she seemed to be teasing the truth in her caption.

"Sisters. Nearly matching everything. [Baby Shower x2]," she wrote.

One of Tucker's other sisters posted a picture as well, with the caption: "My sisters and new moms."

Meanwhile, Driver himself has made many leading comments that fueled these rumors.

"I look at my dog — this sounds so absurd — but it's not — I don't know if I can love anything more."Like, I have a kid, maybe — and be like," he trailed off, gesturing dismissively. "But the dog!"

In another interview, Driver and Channing Tatum sat together promoting their movie Logan Lucky. The journalist mentioned mixing martinis, which Driver said is not a part of his life these days.

"I don't have parties, because the world is a sad place and full of anger," he said dryly.

"Can you imagine you're just making martinis for your baby," Tatum joked. Driver responded as if he were speaking to a baby.

"'Stop crying. This is my party trick,'" he said. "'You'll have your time. This is me time now.'"

Driver married Tucker — who is also an actress — back in 2013. She appeared in an episode of Girls in 2016, where Driver was in the main cast. She has not had any major film or TV roles since then, though she did appear in a documentary short called Zero Days VR last year.

Driver is notoriously private with his personal life. That is likely getting increasingly difficult for him, as he has become one of the most recognizable actors in the world for better or for worse. He plays the petulant villain, Kylo Ren in the latest Star Wars trilogy.

He is scheduled to reprise that role next year, when the still-untitled Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on Dec. 20, 2019.


Driver and his representatives declined to respond to the story, and have no answered any requests from news outlets.

Photo credit: Getty Images