'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman's Wife Opal Stone Responds to Divorce Petition 8 Months After Filing

Last November, Ron Perlman filed for divorce from his wife of 38 years, Opal Stone. Eight months later, his ex-wife has finally filed a response to the ordeal.

Stone claims that “irreconcilable differences” were the reason to blame for their separation just as Perlman did in his initial filing. In her request, she asked for spousal support as well as requesting that the former Sons of Anarchy star takes care of her legal fees. Perlman originally shared that he would provide spousal support if she asked him to. While the Hellboy actor didn’t file for divorce until November, the two reportedly had split up on May 10 according to his documents. The two have two adult children together, one son, Brandon, and one daughter, Blake. News of trouble in paradise first began to heat up earlier in the year on the set of StartUp, a show he worked on for Crackle. That was where photos showed him embracing fellow co-star, Allison Dunbar. Along with that, he also was spotted on social media, liking her photos on Instagram.

Always active in political conversation and current events on his social media, Perlman recently shared his support for the Portland protesters while criticizing Donald Trump. He tweeted on Sunday, “To my brothers and sisters in Portland, please stay safe. To the president of the US, go get f-----.” More recently, Perlman commented on the situation regarding Kanye West and his run for presidency, writing that "someone needs to stop Kanye before he hurts himself."


Perhaps Perlman’s most well-known role, Sons of Anarchy has remained as prevalent as ever over the past few months. The series now has all seven of its seasons airing on Hulu while the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has kept the conversation about the hit FX show going through a series of Q&A sessions on social media. Among the most talked about storylines has been the mother-son relationship between Gemma and Jax Teller. One question that stood out saw a viewer wonder what took Jax so long to finally turn on his mother, a point that Sutter said solely had to do with it behind his mom and how hard mentally it was to flip that switch.