'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Continues Political Rants in Wake of Divorce Filing

Ron Perlman isn’t letting filing for divorce from his wife of 38 years slow down his political tweet storms. The 69-year-old Sons of Anarchy star has been on the attack despite news of the divorce becoming public on Tuesday. The last two days, Perlman has continually gone after Donald Trump and his allies.

After Tuesday’s election results, Perlman tweeted, “So proud of all my friends in Kentucky for taking a huge important step in improving your destinies,” referencing Democratic candidate for Governor Andy Beshear beating incumbent Republican Matt Bevin. “Just one more thing… Do you continue to want to be represented by a man whose first name is Moscow? Moscow Mitch is embarrassing you. He is killing Americanism!!!”

Many fans seemed to appreciate the sentiment. “Oh man, it would be so sweet to see him gone. I know how I’m voting,” one wrote.

“We are working hard to ditch Mitch as well,” another said.

He also delighted in a clip of Trump from a rally in Kentucky the night before the election, in which the president pleaded with his supporters to vote for Gov. Bevin.

The elections weren’t the only thing firing Perlman up. In another tweet, he called South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham a “motherf---er" after a comment he made regarding Syria and Mexico.

The Hellboy star also went after Trump's penchant for firing people close to him after he questions their loyalty.

"If you are amoral, unscrupulous, and without regard for the laws of man, if you are a two-legged pig trump will find you and put you to work," he wrote. "Until he finds out your loyalty is to those things and not to him. Then he will drop you like a bad habit."


As for Perlman's divorce, court documents show his separation from Opal Stone Perlman first happened on May 10. That timing seems to line up with reports that he was getting close with a co-star on the Crackle series, StartUp, Allison Dunbar.

Perlman first rose to stardom in Hollywood by portraying the character Vincent on CBS' Beauty and the Beast in the late '80s, for which he won a Golden Globe. Aside from playing the main character in Hellboy, he didn't have many notable leading roles until Sons of Anarchy. Perlman played Clay Morrow on the FX motorcycle club drama from 2008-2013.