'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Legally Single From Ex-Wife Opal Stone With Plans to Marry Allison Dunbar

Sons of Anarchy actor Ron Perlman is legally single following his divorce from ex-wife Opal Stone. While he's not married anymore, that won't last long, the actor has every intention to marry his current girlfriend-turned-fiancé, Allison Dunbar. According to TMZ, the judge signed off per his request to be declared single in the divorce process, while the details of their split will be handled down the road; this process is referred to as bifurcation.

The Sons of Anarchy star filed for divorce in November 2019 following 38 years of marriage to Stone. Even though he is now legally single, the two still need to work out the details of their split, including spousal support and division of property. Stone is seeking spousal support, claiming the sudden end to her marriage has not only been a huge stress for her, but she had to see a psychologist and life coach as a result.

Months after filing for divorce, the Hellboy actor entered into a relationship with Dunbar and the two got engaged. Apparently, this new change in his life has the 70-year-old feeling "young again" with one insider saying he's "madly in love." "Nowadays, Ron is like a new man. Before lockdowns, he and Allison started taking tango and waltz dance lessons, he's working out more, eating healthily, and even drinking green smoothies."

The source added, "He says Allison makes him feel younger and they don't care about the age gap at all; anyone who hangs out with them thinks they're the perfect match." At the time the insider revealed this information, the couple were not engaged quite yet but noted the two had talked a lot about their future together and "they want to spend the rest of their lives together."

The two built their relationship from a friendship foundation and eventually turned it into more. The source noted that the press coverage and speculation over their romance, in the beginning, hurt both Perlman and Dunbar, but they've become closer than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. While he seemingly moved on quickly from Stone, it's being said that the actor still has a lot of "love and respect for Opal and is very close with his children, but it's a complicated situation."


Despite people speculating Dunbar stole Perlman away from Stone, sources close to the couple say this isn't true. "It's been a hard road for Ron and Allison; they were great friends before becoming romantic. When stories came out about them being together, she was branded as a man-stealer, which wasn't the case. Sometimes people make decisions in their marriage, but it's not official for a long time. It was painful for everyone as nobody knew the truth."