Sommer Ray: Age, Instagram, Bio and More About the Fitness Influencer

If you're active on Instagram, chances are that you've heard of Sommer Ray before. Ray boasts over 26 million followers on the social media platform. But, what do you need to know about the influencer, aside from her Instagram popularity?

Ray, age 24, was born in Colorado. She rose to fame on social media several years ago via the now-defunct platform Vine. She would frequently post videos with her mother, Shannon Ray, and her two sisters, Skylyn and Savana. According to Distractify, Ray began to grow her platform in order to follow in her sister's (Savana's) footsteps. Of course, she now has a large platform of her own. Ray told Forbes that her sister helped get her in touch with a photographer, who helped hone her brand. She explained, "She had a friend, who was a photographer, who would come over and do photoshoots with her. She started shooting me when I was 15. I was doing very mature photos for my age. I've always been more expressive, in a sexual way. But that doesn't mean that I'm like that as a person."

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Amid her rise in Instagram popularity, Ray reportedly dropped out of high school. In May 2018, she told Cosmopolitan that she dropped out of high school because her peers would bully her for the content that she posted online. She told the outlet, "I was slut-shamed in a way — everyone from my hometown judged me. They didn't understand when I posted pictures of my a— on Instagram, it was because I'd worked hard for it. It's not a sexualized thing."


In addition to making a name for herself on Instagram, Ray has also been very active in the fitness community. Not only has she launched her own athleisure wear line (Sommer Ray Shop), but she also shares fitness tips with her followers. During her interview with Cosmopolitan, Ray, who said that she previously competed in fitness competitions when she was a teenager, said that people are drawn to her page for inspiration amid the many "fake fitness" pages out there. The influencer shared, "I was just a breath of fresh air — all the way natural without fake boobs or a fake butt. People like authenticity. They caught on to what was doing and liked it." As for Ray's love life, she is reportedly currently single. She has previously dated Machine Gun Kelly and, most recently, actor Taylor Holder.