Sofia Richie Reportedly 'Hurt' Over Rumors Ex Scott Disick Is Back Dating Kourtney Kardashian

Just weeks after Scott Disick's split with Sofia Richie, there have been reports speculating that Kardashian and Disick may be romantically involved again. While nothing has been confirmed, a source did reveal to PEOPLE that Richie is pretty hurt by the idea. Since it hasn't been long since their split following a three-year relationship, Richie is "still processing the breakup."

"It was a serious relationship, not some fling and she was there for Scott through some tough times," the insider said. "It hurts to see all the speculation about Scott and Kourtney, but she is so young and gets so much attention. She'll be totally fine." A separate source mentioned at the beginning of their breakup that taking some time apart was actually Richie's idea "so Scott can just focus on the most important things in his life — his health and his kids," adding, "Scott is working on his issues. Sofia is hanging out with friends. It was Sofia's choice to take a break."

Disick and Richie's breakup comes shortly after he went back to rehab to cope with his emotions and work through some difficult things. While it's not been formally announced on why the two split — and may never be — sources told Us Weekly that his relationship with his ex was wearing on their relationship, considering how close they are. "Scott is always going to be in love with Kourtney, and that's something Sofia has had to face since even before she got serious with him. It's been an ongoing thing. It just became more apparent that his family was more of a priority than she was, and his family would be his main priority over anything and anyone," the source said.

While Disick may still be in love with Kardashian, another source told the outlet on June 1 that the mom-of-three wasn't really open to the idea of them getting back together. "Kourtney is not open to him in a romantic sense, but Scott is always flirting with her and thinks she looks better than ever," the insider said. However, recently, Kardashian was seen wearing one of his shirts in a picture she posted to Instagram, and that sparked speculation on whether the two were back together or not.


Whether they'll get back together or not, reports also claim that they're very close and do a wonderful job at co-parenting. During an episode of Flip It Like Disick, he opened up to Kardashian about how insecure he use to feel, but knows he's in a different place and enjoys sharing their three kids together. " [...] I was just so insecure that everybody would look at me like I'm not cool or young anymore," he said of becoming a dad before adding, "But I'll be honest, I would have never imagined driving the kids to school [...]," while Kardashian noted she knew he never wanted to be that kind of dad. However, he did note that he does feel like the "cool dad" these days.