'Saturday Night Live' Lampoons O.J. Simpson in Sketch About First Post-Prison Date

After his release from Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Institute a week ago, O.J. Simpson gave the Saturday Night Live writers plenty of inspiration for their episode last night.

With a show that lampooned so much of Simpson's trial in the '90s, last night's sketch surrounding his post-parole life gave audiences something to really laugh about.

In the sketch, O.J., played by Kenan Thompson, is out at a swanky restaurant with a woman he met using the dating app, Bumble. His date, played by the evening's host, Gal Gadot, reveals she grew up in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, alluding to the fact that world news was not shared in her country. She also adds that she never Googles dates in advance, giving O.J. the upper hand in finding love.

While one waiter takes their plates away, another waiter brings a stacked plate of steak, lamb chops, burgers and fries.

"I'm starving," O.J. exclaims. "I feel like I haven't eaten a decent meal in years."


Unfortunately, it proves to be a tad difficult for Simpson to get romantic and share the meal with his date as he says, "For some reason they gave me a plastic knife."