Secret Service Wants to Ask Carole Cook About Assassination Joke

The Secret Service may be approaching veteran TV actress Carole Cook over a comment she made to a passing TMZ reporter.

Cook was approached by a reporter with a camera on Sunday night as she left Craig's restaurant in Hollywood. Noting Cook's Broadway background, the reporter mentioned a recent story about someone flying a President Trump banner over the crowd at a recent performance of Frozen. An actor reportedly stopped the performance to insist that the banner be put away, and the reporter wanted Cook's take on the matter.

"Well, my answer is: Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?" Cook said dramatically. The comment seemed to be a joke, especially since Cook's husband, Tom Troupe, laughed knowingly, as if she had said it often.

After the video went up online, law enforcement sources told TMZ that the Secret Service was interested in speaking with Cook. They were reportedly "concerned" by the comment, even coming from a 94-year-old actress. However, there is no official investigation underway, just a routine interview.

"The Secret Service is aware of the comment," an official said. "While we do not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations, we can say we investigate all threats against the President."

Cook seemed to know at once that she had entered dangerous territory by making the joke in a public forum. She teased the reporter, asking if he really knew who John Wilkes Booth was.

"He killed presidents," Troupe offered helpfully.

"Don't say that," Cooke said, suddenly stricken. "They'll get me for that." she seemed to consider.

"Will that get me in trouble? Will I be on an 'enemies list?' My God, I hope so," she mused. "Just keep me out of jail. Or, maybe not."

Cook is best known for her work on TV, which spanned decades and countless iconic roles. She was a close friend and protoge of Lucille Ball, who cast her in both The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. She also had roles on Magnum, P.I., Darkroom and MacMilan and Wife, among many others. She even appeared in one episode of Grey's Anatomy in the early days of the series. In film, she played Helen in the classic Sixteen Candles, and just last year she played Horense in A Very Sordid Wedding.


However, Cook is very familiar with the world of Broadway as well. She was only the second actress to hold the titular role of Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly!, and she was in the original productions of both 42nd Street and Romantic Comedy.