Savannah Guthrie's 'Wrapping Fail' Will Make You Smile

Savannah Guthrie may be great on camera, but she's not always so great at wrapping presents.

The Today show anchor's husband, Mike Feldman, used Twitter on Monday to share a snap of Guthrie, clad in holiday pajamas, attempting to cover a box in wrapping paper but not quite using enough to cover the whole thing.

"It's a very good thing that @SavannahGuthrie didn't major in wrapping," he wrote, adding the hashtag #savvyclause.

Guthrie retweeted her husband's tweet, writing, "Wrapping fail."

The anchor's followers quickly responded, noting that wrapping gifts isn't always easy.

"It happens to the best of us!!" wrote one fan.

"Well you can't be good at everything!" another offered, adding, "Merry Christmas!"

Despite the "fail," the gift, which likely went to the couple's 3-year-old daughter Vale or 1-year-old son Charley, was no doubt opened by a thrilled recipient.

Guthrie later used the social media platform to share a sweet family snap from Christmas day, posting a photo of the four clad in matching pajamas cuddled on a couch.

"That's it," she wrote. "We are a matching Christmas PJs family."


Photo Credit: Twitter / @SavannahGuthrie